Take your goddamn 'real beauty' campaign and shove it up your ass.

Commenter Greenheart reminded me that Dove, the company who just loves celebrating women for being real, natural women, is also owned by the same fucking company who owns AXE body spray. HAHAHAHAHA no, wait—what?

Not to be outdone, THIS is Axe's latest commercial. Clearly you can see how they've taken Dove's inspired message of loving real women for being real women and just ran with it!

(via Hedgehog who is also awesome )

I am too filled with Vodka to be anywhere near as eloquent on this subject as my fellow commenters or other bloggers, so I'll steal this brilliant bit from Grrrlfever :

"...[Women] owe beauty to no one. All women can be beautiful, if they value beauty and want to be seen as such, but if a woman self-identifies as ugly and believes there's nothing wrong with not being a pretty decoration, that needs to be respected. 'All women are beautiful' is a nice thought, but 'women are worth so much more than their looks' is a lot nicer."


Now that makes me feel fucking BEAUTIFUL. And I don't mean 'Wow this dress makes me look like Cindy Crawford' beautiful. I mean beautiful, as in, I am some kind of wonderful goddess, beautiful.

This is so awesome, it gives me a great idea. Why don't we all let Dove know how stupid this real beauty bullshit is? Contact Dove here. Send them a link to this post or to Grrrrlfever's blog post. Or write your own message about why their campaign is missing the mark.