So I have a cool post about something totally wtf that I want to post later, but I ALSO just found this interesting article for use re: all your arguments to men about how the patriarchy hurts them too. My alma mater just did a study that showed that men have the highest life expectancies in countries that have the greatest gender equality. "Men living in the top 25 percent most patriarchal societies were 31 percent more likely to die than men in the least patriarchal quartile, compared to mortality rates for women". They were also more than twice as likely to die of behavorial causes.

And yes - I know this is a correlative study and not a causational study so it doesn't really prove anything, but you know who won't realize that? Dudes that are dumb enough to argue for the patriarchy!

SECOND thing, now that I've solved our macrolevel social ills, GTers, give me your best advice for getting rid of a pimple! I don't mean a zit, those precious little adorable things with gooey centers. I mean a pimple - the huge, under the skin bumps that you can feel coming for days and slowly grow and erupt into a massive scar leaving grossness. I get like one of these suckers a year and I have a fundraiser tonight and a dance performance tomorrow. So far it's just at (huge) bump stage but washing it extra does not seem to help, and I don't want to try to get it to come up and erupt. How do I make it go away or get smaller before tonight? ETA: Home remedies if you have them, I'm a complete product rube and won't have time to buy anything in between work and fundraising!

Thank ye kindly, GT!