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Downhill fast

Today was pretty good up until about 15 mintues ago.

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I don't know why this stuff just got to me all of a sudden. I'm just horrified that young earth creationists have a foothold in our society. I try to be open minded about religion, although I'm an atheist, but when you ignore REALITY because it doesn't jibe with your interpretation of the bible, I just can't. Obviously, this is about the Bill Nye/ Ken Ham debate.

The other thing that just rubbed me the wrong way was some friend's status update on FB (surprise).

[New baby] does everything with her left hand. I'm pretty sure that means she is going to be a super artistic creative doctor.


And if she's not? Will she still be as worthy? Will she be happy? This baby's parents are dear friends of mine and usually are pretty self aware and decent people. I'm grouchy, so I want to say something, but I know it was just an offhand remark.

Talk me down, GT.

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