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So two separate things that I wanted to talk about that are unrelated but fuck it one post.

I fucking love Netflix and binge-watching shows, I love that there are so many shows on the Instant queue now because waiting for DVDs in the mail was just THE WORST when I would be mid-season on a show.

Except now after watching "How to Get Away with Murder" I'm itchy for more episodes. DAMN IT WHAT IS WITH THIS ONE EPISODE EVERY WEEK NONSENSE. GOD!


So far How to Get Away with Murder's been the best new show I've seen. "Gotham" I'm liking but I don't want it to suffer from Spiderman 3 syndrome and have too many characters with not enough time. "Forever" I also liked and I was very judgmental when I heard the premise Entertainment Weekly kind of sums it up. Also please do a thread on a new show for this year that you've liked if you're so inclined, I want to make sure my Hulu+ doesn't miss anything.

So this second story can only be appreciated if you've seen The Room. The worst movie ever, written, directed and starring possibly the most eccentric personality ever Tommy Wiseau. It's basically developed a cult following and I know some GTer's have seen it.

So I'm happy to report Tommy Wiseau is exactly as as you would expect him to be. Wore his sunglasses the whole time (drugs maybe, sensitivity to light because he's a vampire more likely), he took pictures with everyone FOR FREE before the show. He then screened a pilot for a sitcom he's made and his speech before was nearly word for word this "So I need you guys to blog to NBC, ABC and CBS use your free speech and tell them to put the show on the air. I mean we have free speech here right? But not WB or Fox because they don't know anything."

Then he did a QA which was equally incoherent (or he's an evil genius because the place was packed full of people buying merch). After that the movie started, it was my first screening but people were on point and it was just like Rocky Horror where the veterans knew exactly what to yell when.


Too many drinks but no hangover, and didn't get home till 5:30am means today will be a lazy day in the Geek household.

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