Holiday premier was tonight! Let’s talk about it and let’s talk about what you want to see this season. (Spoilers in the discussion here, but if you want to talk about your hopes without having seen tonight’s, skip down to the comments and say NO SPOILERS in your comment thread)

So- thoughts. Downton is fun in the way Hallmark movies are fun. “Ooo Isobel’s two suitors are there. I bet they will disagree on an issue and Isobel will be torn between them.” or “Of course Anna’s crying, her and Bates will never be happy” or “Well this lady looks like she knows something.” Surprise! Blackmail. Although I applaud Mary and Robert in sending her packing.

Carson and Mrs. Hughes are still my everything. My whole family was dying over the conversations with Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Carson with him misunderstanding EVERYTHING. And then the look on his face when he realizes... “I expect wives would fulfill their duties-” (the penny drops)

Edith was killing it in the fashion department tonight, I must say. I really hope we see her putting the editor or whoever in his place. I hope Edith becomes a force to be reckoned with in her own way this season...and that the reckoning has nothing to do with Mary.

“Sometimes it’s good to rule by fear.” = Lady Grantham putting Denker in her place. It was glorious, the viewers have such love/hate relationships with these conniving characters (Denker, Thomas, etc)


What do we expect to see from Thomas this year? More conniving? Part of me hopes he gets a boyfriend and stops being miserable to everyone but he wouldn’t be Thomas and Downton wouldn’t be Downton if that happened.

Also, is someone going to take on a Downton Open Thread? Do we want one?