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I've obviously taken a plane to London so I could catch the first episode.

What did everyone think? That fucking nanny?! My jaw dropped! Though I love that Barrow is a complex character, I hate him being right especially since it wasn't really for the good of the children just his fucking ego. I love to hate him and I hate that he accidentally did good.


Though I'm glad that Mary is back, I was kind of sad by them pushing her to get over it. 6 months seems like a short amount of time to be like, "Snap out of it!" I thought her saying for them to fuck themselves was valid.

Edith looked amazing in that peacocky dress.

Boooooo to that maid coming back.

Lord Grantham is an asshole and I JUST WANT DAISY TO BE HAPPY.

And I cried, of course. I think I watch this show as an excuse to get upset.

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