One of our neighbors is an incredibly obnoxious, arrogant, entitled mess of a human being. Let's call him Dr. Douchenozzle, MD. Dr. Douchenozzle routinely harasses my roommate (who's a vet) about his kitty's health. Usually he corners her in the hallway and bombards her with questions, even after she's told him repeatedly to schedule an appointment (which he never does). Lately he's been trying to rope me in, which is why I got a call during my lunch about kitty vomit and "could I please ask ____(roommate's name redacted) if situation X is normal." Apparently this is what I get for giving him my phone number for emergencies. WHY CAN'T YOU CALL THE VET ASSHOLE!? Why do you have to put me in the awkward situation where I'll feel horrible either way?!!