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Dr. Oz Dresses As A Woman For His Show Because Your Shoes Suck


In these exclusive photos from the upcoming Sept. 10 show, the cardiothoracic surgeon goes deep undercover Tootsie-style to convince unsuspecting shoe shoppers to choose comfort over fashion – further proof that the good doctor is not ready for drag!


If Dr. Oz is hoping to become a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race, he's got some work to do.



However, Mrs. Oz seems to have gotten right the essential component to any drag ensemble – the wig. The on-trend bangs and soft layers pass muster, but we're guessing that he's still not fooling anyone.

Good to know we're still doing the whole 'that's a man, baby!' thing to promote your stupid shitty fake medical show.


In a day and age where we can't get major news organizations to recognize basic gender identity issues, you're running around doing this. Because HAHAHA Dr. Oz is dressed like a lady HAHAHA. Great.

And good to know you're doing this, all in the name of mansplaining to us womens that IT IS A-OK TO WEAR COMFY SHOES!!


Much like how I had no clue about all your amazing weight loss secrets, this is also a welcome addition to my wealth of bullshit I've heard over the years treasure box of celebrity insights, gifted to me.

OMG THANK YOU DR. OZ!! I HAD NO IDEA I COULD WEAR NICE COMFY SHOES INSTEAD OF MAH SILLY LADY HEELZ! I am such a crazy woman, always thinking about satisfying the patriarchy and shit when I get dressed.


You're a saint, bro. Let's braid each other's hair.

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