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Dr Oz edited out what Trump said about Ivanka, it creeps me out and makes me wonder tw creepy and abuse








Dr Oz had a segment cut out where he asks about Ivanka and kissing. Trump said he kisses her “every chance he gets”. Sorry but with his comment about he would date her sends red flags. I am not from a physically affectionate family but this has so many red flags for me.


I know kissing does not mean sexual in most situations but he has said really innapropriate things about her. Things dads should not say about their daughter.

It makes me wonder if he sees in Ivanka as being his SO and not his wife as his SO. I do not believe he ever sexually abused her physically but I wonder if emotionally he sees her as his SO which would be emotional abuse. Abuse in that it creates in a child a situation they cannot recipricate. Although I sometimes wonder if a divorced parent seeing their child as their SO isn’t more common then we expect, nonsexual but still inappropriate.

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