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Welcome To The Bitchery

I agree with Lia aka Sniperwolf. This 17 year olds story is off.

She is 17.

1. Has a friend who delivers her the groceries. Does she live alone? Wouldn’t the parents be buying groceries?


2. Her cellphone is attached to her hand when sleeping. Literally. This alone my mother and late grandmother would have said “no you are not sleeping with your phone.”

3. She says she is addicted to getting likes but the pictures display one like not 500 to 1k.

4. She does not want to leave the house for fear of not being on Facebook etc and missing likes. Yeah no way in hell would I have gotten away with that at 17.

5. Why is she not in high school? Is she home schooled? I doubt it since I cannot picture her getting away with this. Is she a drop out? You would think she would have been told “drop out and you work full time”.


6. Is this a scheme to get on Dr Phil? Yes.

I like Sniperwolf’s youtube page a lot but she is wrong about bullying. Pretty girls are not immune neither are handsome men. A bully cares about how to exploit what they see as weaknesses and bully the victim. Yes I am oversimplifying it.

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