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Dr Strange and Hacksaw Ridge Reviews spoilers








I went to see Dr Strange my mother went to see Hacksaw Ridge.

My mother thought Hacksaw Ridge was very good although horrific nd she cried. Seriously nothing more she said. Its about WW2.


Doctor Strange.

Ok let’s get it out of the way. It was breathtaking the fx and images. I did not see it in 3d but I was stunned how good the effects were. Comic book images brought to life.

Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect as Doctor Strange.

I thought the movie seemed too episodic.

First episode his injury and heading to Nepal. Yes as arrogant as the comic character and faithful to original storyline.


Second episode meeting Mordo, Ancient One and his training. I thought this is where movie was the weakest. He went from horrible to being able to steal books from the library in front of Wong with no problem. Also on the first try manipulating time. Amazing.

Third episode Battle In NY. God the graphics were good but went on for so long. The baddie kind of bored me. Yes a former studenr but never really explained why he went bad. A seemingly brilliant sorcerer who could not figure out Dormannu’s motives.


The hospital scene with the doctor and Strange was good. Kinda funny.

Interlude death of Ancient One. Let me get this straight. She saw the future where she saw herself dying and Strange with her. Yet she initially threw him out.


Episode Four Battle of Hong Kong (?). Earlier in the day he barely battled the baddie to a standstill yet figured out how to checkmate Dormorru (sp). Seriously absurd scene.

Acting by Cumberbatch was so pitch perfect. Ideal casting. Marvel’s best. Special effects were jawdropping. Story seemed “oh give me a break”.


Movie should have been having Doctor Strange established as the Sorceror Supreme then having the Ancient One appear in his home. This leading to a flashback of the first two episodes. Then going back to the present to defeat the baddie.

Strange got too good too fast and stretched believability.

I am torn about Baron Mordo. I wish the movie between this and next Dr Strange movie is a Baron Mordo movie. He seemed in the movie interesting and would like to know how he was Baron. To how he became such a fundamentalist on magic. Its more complex then the comic version who was “power for power’s sake”


Oh there are two additional endings. The second ending seems to be what next Dr Strange movie is about. I also hope Benjamin Pratt (?) will have a bigger role in next movie.

See the movie just expect a lot of “oh give me a break” moments.

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