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Dr Strange V2 Issue 10 truly prophetic passage

I am reading Marvel Essential Dr Strange Volume 3 which covers Doctor Strange from issue 1 to 29 circa mid 1970s this is issue 10, 1975.

Dr Strange visits another plane of reality and meets Eternity the living embodiment of Eternity.

Eternity said about the coming destruction of man "But it is not I who bring this! Rather it is YOURSELVES — Through the very forces you believed would forever abort it.


COMMUNICATION: THAT 8s what has undo you. At last, men EVERYWHERE may know of anothers' successes — an so, see their own failures! No LONGER, may they slumber in blissful ignorance!

Now, each man cries for his share of bounty from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE! From all sides come the cries — and in response man draws more closely in upon himself!

The mere MENTION of COMPROMISE —- sounds of wretched WEAKNESS! Each man must have all he desires! Each man must win — and so, all men must LOSE!"

Dr Strange responds "But surely, mankind will find an answer, as it always has before."


Eternity replies "There is NO ANSWER! There are only ANSWERS! The choices are too many and mankind cannot decide! The human mind has never had to cope with so much knowledge at ONE TIME before. Increasingly Calamity and Cacaphony are met with APATHY and so —- The final war WILL COME."

This was written by Steve Englehart.

This is true we do dine off the tree of knowledge. That tree is the internet. This tree does not differentiate between truths of poisoned apples cloaked in myth, lies and deceptions or truths cloaked in facts. Internet's sibling the media too often cloak truths the same way. We see people each day eating these poisoned apples and believing them as if they are fact.


We see increasing apathy towards other, increased quest for knowledge which is more often then not tainted, information is literally at our fingertips. People don't have to work to get this knowledge. I kind of agree at times its too easy and the poisoned apples look identical in appearance to the nonpoisoned. People used to have to and want to search for the truth. We really don't have to search that hard but because of that its too easy to discover lies, myths and distortions presented as facts.

Communication as wonderful as the internet is and phones it can also be impersonal. It lacks facial expressions, irony and sarcasm is often lost in delivery.


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