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Dr. Who / Tim Burton-esque Animated Illustrations

/* Insert obligatory end of the internet joke here. */

This is a love post to my friends on the internet, because I — confession time — don't really like Dr. Who... In the sense that I've never made it through a single episode, and the one time I tried I got so bored I read a book instead.

But I found these and I hadn't seen them yet, plus you know I know you love some Dr. Who (and some Tim Burton). So I had to share them with you all. Not to mention I'm an art freak myself, and they're great illustrations all on their own.


This one's my favorite:


The original illustrations are by Michael Kenny, and they were animated by ABVH. Without further ado, here are some more:


These are so good they make me want to give the good doctor another chance.

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