I read this incredibly moving profile today, on Esquire of all sites (linked to from Elle.com), of Dr. Willie Parker. Dr. Parker travels to abortion clinics, including the last remaining clinic in Mississippi, to provide services to the myriad women who have no other place to go.

Not only does he perform abortions, he provides the horrible, yet legally-mandated protocol (whether the invasive ultrasounds, giving false and misleading information about the risks of abortion) as briefly and with as much disdain as possible. Then he gives the women the real science, explains how the risks of abortion stack up against the risks of an actual pregnancy/delivery, and reassures the women. There is no shaming, no guilt trips.

Most surprising, perhaps, is that Dr. Parker used to be against abortion (though it seems he was still thoughtful and not militant in his belief), but had an epiphany and has dedicated himself to the practice.

The article highlights what a tremendous man Dr. Parker is, but also how desperate the situation is for abortion clinics in so many states. It's certainly a rally to keep voting, keep donating, and keep supporting reproductive justice wherever and however you can.