We're down to 8 queens, hunties! In no particular order, they are: Adore Delano, Ben Dela Creme, Bianca del Rio, Darienne Lake, Joslyn Fox, Courtney Act, Laganja Estranja, and the bitch who shoulda been sent packin' last night, Trinity K. Bonet.

Seriously, WTF Ru? It's true, Milk didn't exactly wow anyone with her rhyming skills, or her dancing. Regardless, what's admirable about Milk is that she dove headfirst into the challenge with gusto, even though morphing herself into an old school, 90's rap star isn't quite in her bag of tricks. She didn't whine about the challenge or make excuses for herself the way Trinity and Darienne did. She just did it and she did it with a smile. And she was decent. Not great, but good enough to have a least been safe.

The second thing that bothers me about Milk's elimination is that she is essentially one of two Club Drag performers who were trotted out this season for diversity's sake (I suppose), but then summarily thrown out when both stuck to their guns and their styles. Drag Race does this every season and it is extremely frustrating. It pays lip service to different styles of drag, but ultimately, the judges demand that all contestants morph themselves into gender minstreling Pageant Queens.

Essentially, the judges are just like the toxic, bitchy, and ignorant (as Joslyn Fox put it) Gia Gunn: "real" Drag Queens dress and act like "real" women, and anything else is not drag. I'm sorry mamas, but that's some shady ass bullshit.


There is NO "real" Drag. "Real Drag" is an oxymoron. Drag is illusion. Powerful drag is all about using illusion to pull apart and pick at the biggest illusion in our society: gender conformity.

The cynic in me tells me that Ru's words of warning to Courtney about "relying too much on pretty" are just a way of covering her ass in the wake of eliminating a non-gender-conforming performer. As if to say, "See? I'm just as hard on the Pageant Girls as I am on everyone else." Peek-a-Ru, mama. I see your bullshit. You're not fooling anyone. "Pretty" and "feminine" is exactly what you want from everyone. And that's a pity.