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Drag Race Kiki: "¡No seas chillóna!"

In case y'all are wondering what the heck that means, it means, "don't be a crybaby" in (Mexican*) Spanish, and it was Adore's mantra during this leg of the competition. It's reason 453,864 I FUCKING LOVE Adore and I'm beyond happy she's still in it to win it. PARTY!

What I'm not happy about, unfortunately, is the fact that Darriene Fucking Lake is now in the top 4 while a vastly more talented queen, the Lovely Ms. Dela, was sent packing. What ye foque were you thinking, Mama Ru?! It's no secret that the PTB at Drag Race love to engineer drama, so Ru probably kept Darriene around for maximum angst. She is, after all, this season's villain. Maybe not as odious a villain as Phi Phi O'Hara, or Roxxy Andrews (maaaan did I hate those bitches), but a villain nonetheless.


Regardless, it's kind of a big stretch to keep the one queen who has only won one challenge, way early on in the competition, and who, at best, hasn't really made an impression, and at worst, has landed in the bottom a bunch of times. Ms. Lake has worn out her welcome, so send her packing!

Further, the criticism of Dela's looks was just completely off the mark. I didn't see anything on Dela last night that I haven't seen on her on other runways, and for which she has gotten consistent praise. And compared to Darriene's atrocities, at least she was on target.

Mama Ru, I think you failed to heed your own advice: you fucked it up.

As for Adore, I'm really glad she turned it out, and on a challenge that isn't in her bag, but I don't think she deserved to win. Don't get me wrong, I loved her Banjee girl look, and her (unintentional?) homage to Pris from Blade Runner is STUNNING, but her Executive Realness look was sorely lacking. She wore PANTS, for crying out loud! Michelle shoulda been all up in her shit for that, as she has with past contestants wearing pants on the runway.


Courtney was the real winner for me, even though her Banjee girl was way off.

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