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Drama on the rocks!

So, those of you who follow my posts know that I am a pretty avid rock climber. You may not know that it took me nearly 5 minutes just now to come up with the word avid because all I could think of was rabid. I am enthusiastic, but not frothing at the mouth.

A couple months ago I discovered a new partner who is close to being the perfect partner. He is supportive, enthusiastic, funny, about my skill level, non-judgemental and as I recently discovered not too bad on the eyes. I mean recently like this morning. I woke up this morning and realized, hmmm Friend is very attractive to me. The biggest problem in our climbing adventures is a size thing. He's got almost a full foot and 70 pounds on me, and when you are lead climbing you want your partner to be about your same range. Because when one of you falls....imagine it like a see saw. The person falling will go on average 8-15 feet. The person catching will be pulled upwards 1-5 feet. The most I've ever pulled him off the ground is about 6 inches. The most he's ever pulled me off the ground is close to 9 feet.

He's been out recovering from a knee injury and it was great to have him back. Friend is taking it really slow, doing easy routes but focusing on his technique and I was pushing really hard. He's got that kind of personality that just makes you feel buoyant, which is a great way to feel when you are defying gravity.

But then his knee gave out, unexpectedly at the second clip. Which means he decked (hit the ground), and physics being physics, my efforts to catch him resulted in my hand being sucked into the metal braking device (ATC if you want to throw down some more vocab). As you may have guessed this was unpleasant for me, especially since he also landed on top of me and we both slammed into the wall.


He feels really bad. Really bad. Like I am worried he won't climb with me anymore because he thinks me getting hurt is all his fault. Our mutual friends have been calling all night because apparently he's been telling them about How He Broke JustASmore.

It's sweet, although frustrating. It's not his fault. I am a big girl, and I can take my knocks. I am just as badass a climber as any guy, I know the risks, and I am not a delicate porcelain flower. Also I really want to brag about my battle wounds because HOLY PURPLE SWELLING BATMAN and also VIOLET YOU'RE TURNING VIOLET but don't want him to feel worse.

So that's where we are. He feels bad that I am hurt. I feel bad that he feels bad and also I feel bad because it hurts. He also feels bad because he also got hurt. I feel bad that he got hurt. And maybe I have some pants feelings too.

In conclusion: everyone feels bad. You give much sympathy now?

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