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We are about to head out to our friends' house for Xmas Day festivities.

I am dreading this for a number of reasons.

1. While they are very nice people, they are about as opposite as you can get from our political views. This is usually workable, since we all have tacitly agreed to steer clear of politics/religion/money as conversation topics.


2. However, some of their extended family will be there and they loooooove to talk about how Obama is a Muslim terrorist. While I'm not super-happy with everything our President is up to, I don't think we need to start calling the man a terrorist. Ugh.

3. These folks looooooove Duck Dynasty and have been all over the Facebook with "support Phil Robertson" and "boycott A&E." I can't even begin to argue any of these points with them or my head will lift off of my body and explode in a shower of blood and screams.

4. For the record, my husband is friendlier with them than I am - they're all wrapped up in the political business of the town, so... yeah. Otherwise, our paths probably wouldn't cross that often. Sigh.

5. I suffer from pretty high-powered social anxiety and would love nothing more than to stay home in my pajamas and watch Doctor Who all day. The social anxiety is amplified because of my hearing aid situation, which means I am hearing EVERYTHING AT TOP VOLUME because my brain doesn't know how to filter out the background noise. So the constant barrage of sound is a bit stressful.


6. We're Jewish, and apparently they don't know a whole lot about Judaism and so there are always questions about why we believe such-and-such. The other day, a question came up about why Jews don't believe Jesus is THE Messiah and I was all "HOW ABOUT THEM METS" because seriously? It's not my job to educate you. Go to the damn library and read a book.

7. Christmas makes me grumpy.

8. I forget what 8 was for.

9. There's going to be too much food, and people notice if you're not stuffing your face the entire time. Since someone telling me to "eat, eat!" is a trigger for me, I am going to have to just... I don't even know. I have many strategies in place to deal with food triggers around the holidays but it's been awhile since I've done holidays with "new" people who aren't aware of my ED history. So they don't know that they should just lay the fuck off and I don't feel like I need to get into a whole explanation of why, so I don't know. I am going to "HOW ABOUT THEM METS" at every opportunity.


10. Since I converted to Judaism in 1999, I have been working hard to establish new traditions with What's-His-Name and now that WeePiglet is old enough to kind of "get" the fact that we do things differently from her friends, it's doubly important that we work on our traditions and try to make them stick. Every year, that has meant a crappy movie and Chinese food. Not this year! (This is mostly What's-His-Name's fault because he can't put his foot down, it would seem). So I'm extra-grumpy because I wanted some goddamned egg rolls.

I know that this is all a lot of Very Special Whining and that there are folks out there with actual, real problems, but for fuck's sake, these are the things affecting me today and I feel like bitching about them on the internet.


Merry Christmas?

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