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Dream Interpretation?

Ok, so. I have weird fucking dreams, guise.

I made a post a while back about having night terrors, which I've had my whole life. Those I'm used to. Those are the reasons horror movies don't bother me, because my nightmares are way worse.

But that's not what I'm talking about. I just have really odd dreams in general, and maybe someone has some input on them because they're making me feel crazy.


First on the list, the pregnant dreams. I constantly have dreams that I'm pregnant. Like, all the damn time. In real life, I don't want to be pregnant. I'm on the pill. I don't like children. I have an odd fear of pregnancy. But in my dreams, I'm pregnant all the damn time. Sometimes I'm upset by it, but other times I'm perfectly fine. Also, rarely in my dreams where I'm pregnant, is there a father. Like, I don't know who the father is nor do I care, it's just not something I think about. Another thing, the dreams are always random in terms of stages. Sometimes I'm just finding out I'm pregnant, other times (like last night) I'm towards the end, and sometimes I just gave birth. The last dream in which I just gave birth, it was a girl and I named her "Celia," which was my great-grandmother's name. WHAT THE FUCK.

On to another common dream, which is about Prince Fluffybutt. 99% of the time, if I dream about him he's either A) cheating on me or B) TRYING TO KILL ME. In real life, I'm not worried that he's going to cheat on me, and I'm definitely not worried that he's going to fucking murder me. I've been having these dreams since we started dating. There's a few times I've dreamed about him and it was fine, but usually it's cheating or murder. Or at the very least, he's just being an asshole in my dreams. Dream Prince Fluffybutt is a dick.

And last but not least, my common dream as of late. Teeth. A few months ago, it was that my teeth were falling out. It didn't hurt or anything, and I wasn't upset by it in the dream. A few weeks ago, I dreamed that my gums were bleeding. This time it did hurt, and I was upset in the dream.

What does it all meannnnn you guise? Am I foreseeing the future? Will I be pregnant and toothless and my boyfriend will cheat on me and then try to kill me?! What IS all this crazy?


Do you any of you guys have common and/or weird dreams? The pregnancy one is my most common dream, and I've been having them for as long as I can remember. My friend speculated that the pill is fucking with my hormones and that's why I keep dreaming I'm with child. What do you think?

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