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Dreaming about an old job

I've had seven jobs so far in my life, but there's only one of them that I dream about. It was the one that I hated the most.

In 2001, I was laid off from a cushy tech gig. My ex was making good money, so I decided to get a job for extra money rather than try to find another tech gig. I just wanted something to pay for my school books, tuition, and nicer groceries. I found a job as a receptionist that seemed perfect. I could study during the downtime, it came with benefits, and it wasn't too far from our home.


My ex lost his good job and suddenly, my "pin money" job was what was feeding us and paying our rent. It took him years to find another good job, so I was stuck where I was. And god, did I hate it.

We had no AC or heating at my spot, but I wasn't allowed to dress for the weather. I was given a million duties that were outside of my payscale, but never given a raise to match. I was treated like I was an idiot until someone couldn't figure out a piece of software, or how to do a database query, or how to fix their phone, or how to research something.

When I left, after five years, they bought me some fast food and didn't even talk to me while I ate it in the lunch room.

Now, everywhere else I've worked, I've at least liked. This place, the one that I abhorred, is the only one I dream about. It's always the same, too. I dream that I never officially quit, so suddenly, I have to go back and work there. I'm answering their ancient phone system, making their coffee, and dealing with their subtle put-downs. I'll protest that, no, I'm not their stupid receptionist anymore and that I've moved on, but for some reason, I'm obligated to work out that day for them.


I had another one last night. It's been eight years since I quit that place, and yet it all still came flooding back to me. I can barely recall the people I worked with at my last gig, but that one? I even could remember the set-up of the coffee makers and the minutiae of my daily schedule.

Does anyone else have dreams like this?

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