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I frequently have vivid dreams.

I’ve had dreams that were continuation upon previous dreams, and I knew because of the same black and white checkboard floor that was present in all of them.

Last week I dreamt that some was licking my toes...but in a sexy way (why yes, it has been a while, but even that was unexpected...my sex dreams have been taking left turns lately).


Last night I dreamt that someone gave me a kitten, and I was SO EXCITED. Except my mom said it was a bad idea, and I lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets, and I didn’t have any cat supplies whatsoever, so I had to hide the cat in the bathroom while I was at work and when I came back it managed to make a fecal mess on par with dogs. BUT IT WAS SO CUTE!

What are some of your weird dreams lately, or what is the weirdest one you remember?

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