Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I've had a lot of anxiety lately, which sucks. Last night, I found out that my dad is really sick, so the anxiety ramped up even further. When I have anxiety, I have these awful dreams, and I always have. When I was a kid, I dreamed that people were mocking me. Now, as an adult, I dream that I am failing school because I completely forget to go to classes because I am so inept (I graduated a long time ago), or that my fiance is cheating on me or doesn't want to be with me. Last night, I dreamed that this girl he used to have a friends with benefits situation with mocked me because I asked her if she was still fucking him. She's a psychologist in real life and so in my dream, she was laughing at me and diagnosing me with all these psychological conditions because I was so crazy as to be paranoid that she was fucking him.

This dream is crazy because he hasn't been involved with her sexually for YEARS, and in reality, they are friends and she's the one who told him that I was the type of girl he should date and he should send me a message on OK Cupid. He did and now we're engaged.


I also have dreams that people are fat-shaming me. And I am not fat. Maybe 10 pounds overweight.

I really wish I could make these dreams stop! Anybody else's brain freak out like this while they're sleeping?

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