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Dreams Inspire Screenplays

I have some weird dreams every once in a while. Like, truly crazy, yet perfectly logical dreams. One time Julia Stiles was surviving the end of the world and marrying a West Point Cadet only because she was already in a white dress and his uniform was so spiffy. I actually got a pretty great one-act play/short film script out of that one. I really wish I hadn't lost it.

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Last night's winner was the cast of the History Channel's Vikings series. They were in some kind of prison, in modern-day. Of course, my first thought was, "wow. I really don't remember what happened last season that led us here. I think I should rewatch season 1...." They were in prison, yet they were also Formula 1 racecar drivers. But for two-man cars. Like fighter pilots or something. As soon as I recalled this to myself, I realized I may have my first screenplay, right there. I mean, say it with me:

Vikings. In prison. Forced to race Formula 1 cars in teams, like fighter pilots.


It's like a retro-futuristic vision! It would open HUGE! Maybe with Sam Worthington and Jason Statham. And Christoph Waltz as the guy who puts it all together. Yes! And the wives who can handle themselves and will take down any attempt to harm their physical person! Their "touch me, I dare you" attitudes—with Charlize Theron and Jena Malone as her youthful protege, and Cherry Jones as the Viking matron who really runs things.

Tell me, would you see this movie? Should I start this screenplay? Because seriously, that has to be a movie, right?

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