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Hello friends! I got a paid modeling gig for tomorrow, but they want us to provide a lot of our own clothes - including a long formal gown. There is supposed to be a representative from Ralph Lauren there with samples, but since I highly doubt they'll have clothes for my "plus size*" ass I went out and bought a lovely used one from Goodwill for 10 bucks. It's a little stained in places but that can be easily covered in photoshop and I'll dye it later if I want to keep it. The big problem is that this dress is too small in the chest.

I've tried turning the unzippable back into a corset style affair, but without a modesty panel it looks tacky, plus, because the dress is too small for my ribcage it ruins the gentle, sloping silhouette I wanted- it just laces straight down and then stops. Instead of a deep-v back I end up with at truncated U. Does anybody know of ways to adjust this? Or to alter the dress's back so it fits? If need-be, I'll look for more fabrics either today or tomorrow so I can make the adjustments myself.

Thanks everyone!!


*plus size meaning "plus size model" size, meaning "sizes above 4"

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