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Dress help (bra vs. boob tape vs. ???)

Dear ladies of Groupthink:

Do we have an opinion on boob tape? I'm in a 50s style wedding in two weeks (in Paris), and the dress is as follows:


The bodice has a lot of problems, mainly that it's too short and the skirt sits RIGHT on my love handles (the seamstress said point blank "This dress will not look good on you"), but the problem I'm currently struggling with is the bust. I'm a 36C, and the dress has boning (heh) in the front. From the website: "The supportive bodice gently molds your bust into a perfect pin-up bullet shape..." You guys...I don't even know what that means, but I know that a strapless bra is not really cutting it here, mainly because modern bras want nothing to do with a "bullet shape". However, the boning is not tight or stiff enough to support the girls on its own, so they need some help getting up there into the "bullet shaped" part.

Since the top part of the dress is the only thing that is going to look good (I have great shoulders for a halter dress), I'd like to see if anyone has any suggestions. Could I use boob tape? Has anyone with substantial boobs ever used it? Does anyone have any other ideas? I'm completely unfamiliar with this style of clothing, so I would greatly appreciate anything anyone can offer.

Happy Monday, Groupthink friends! :)

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