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Fatty fashion questions! Help me as casual as possible!

Guys, I'm going to a wedding in June. Homey's the best man and will be wearing a tux. I'm not in the wedding party but I feel like I need to be slightly dressier so as not to look like a freaky-deaky next to my nattily dressed partner.


But! I hate dressing up. Like, so much. What's the most casual/comfy dress I can wear and still look ok next to a dude wearing a tux?

I'm a size 22/24 and like knee-length or longer, if that helps.

Also? I got an invitation to the wedding shower, which is being held 2 hours away, and I'm not that close to the bride, AND there's no RSVP info. Instead, it just says where they're registered. Is that tacky? It feels tacky to me. "We don't care if you can make it, as is evidenced by holding the party 2 hours away from your (and our!) home and the lack of RSVP info BUT HERE'S WHERE WE'RE REGISTERED!"

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