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Dress Sizing Question (maybe TW for size/weight stuff?)

I am ordering a bridesmaids dress (from Jenny Yoo if that makes a difference) and my typical issue with ordering things online is that size charts are like, 100% completely wrong. I always do ok ordering dresses that are around the size I know I tend to be. However, I have not bought a “nice” dress online since I have been plus sized. Do we think I should listen to the size chart this time? I don’t believe there’s any give to the material so I was going to size up a little anyway. It’s literally, LITERALLY telling me to get 10 sizes bigger than I normally would. And that’s the normal situation with size charts. I have been burned many times by getting things that are absolutely huge because somehow the inches on my body tell me that’s the right size. Does anyone else have this problem?!

All the dresses are made to order and I can’t return or exchange so I’m really nervous about this. We don’t have a place I can go try anything on either.

Like, ok: I typically wear a 20-22 or so in dresses, which I normally buy dresses with some give, so I would order maybe a 24 to be safe if I weren’t that worried about it. My measurements are 54, 50, 54. According to Jenny Yoo I should get a 30 (although the proportions aren’t right, but that covers all the stuff and I guess I could get it altered).


I get really stressed out trying to order based on my measurements because of this constant issue. I know I’m not measuring wrong, either - because I have had my friend who is a professional costumer measure me before and her numbers are the same.

ETA - this is the dress.

ETA 2 - I really hate this shit. Not trying to be all “why can’t everyone be like me?!” but I just told my bridesmaids to wear whatever black dress they wanted b/c I have hated this part of being a bridesmaid so much - spending on a dress that you’ll never wear again, that you don’t like, and that you can’t bargain shop for.

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