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Dressing a Pregnant Lady. Help!

Hey guys. So one of my very good friends is getting married this July and I am currently pregnant with my first kid due mid September. I have several wedding related parties I will be attending this summer and I was hoping to get some advice on where to shop and what to buy. I'm pretty terrible at knowing what looks good. Please help!

1) Wedding Shower - This is coming up in a few weeks so I really need to get on this dress ASAP. My friends's shower is being thrown at a bed and breakfast and is just a couple hour luncheon with her and her fiance's family and her close friends. I was thinking something along the lines of a maxi dress from old navy maybe or a sun dress if the maxi is too casual? I'm looking to spend less than $50 on this one. A little background on me. I will be 23 weeks pregnant, I'm 5'9"ish, and was a size 4/6 pre-pregnancy. I've gained 13 pounds so far and am technically an hour glass shape but it's a small, not very curvy hour glass


2) Bachelorette Party - This is not finalized yet and I'm not sure exactly when it will be but I will be between 26 and 30 weeks pregnant. We're going to spend the day on the lakes, boating, and swimming and we will be going out dancing later in the evening. Where can I buy a super cute bathing suit? Also was thinking about getting a little black dress for dancing. I'm honestly not sure how long I will last so again not looking to spend a lot on the dress. The suit I'm more flexible about because I will be spending a lot of time in it this summer.

3) Wedding - I will be 32 weeks pregnant at the wedding. It will be held outdoors in Wisconsin. July's in Wisconsin can be brutal. High humidity and upper 80s. I'm willing to spend a little more here because I want to make sure I look really, really good. But I also don't want to sacrifice comfort.

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