It's really weird to be heartbroken after only dating someone for a few months. I met a guy a few months ago and we kicked it basically every day since we met and then he disappeared. We still texted, but he had a lot of stressful crap going on. Well, last weekend he drunk texts me some really degrading bullshit which was completely unlike him and it pretty much turned me off completely. I've been treated awfully by every guy in my past and, even though it's just a text message, it really broke my heart because it felt like the first time anyone respected me. The truth was, he didn't. Although he apologized sober and told me how it was completely wrong, and it was not "okay" even when I pretended to accept his apology, I just feel like I'm getting used.

Today I found out he's going on a date with some new girl.

Now it's a decision to drink wine, gin, or whiskey. and make a list of all the things I hate about him.