Dear GT,

I have always disliked all kinds of hard liquor, but, since my bariatric surgery, I can't drink wine any more — it tastes awful to me and burns my esophagus going down. Sometimes a girl needs a drink, you know? I feel like, whiskey might still burn but it would be a smaller quantity..... ok this does not seem to make much sense and as I read it over it seems insane. But maybe if wine no longer tastes good (I used to love it) maybe whiskey or brandy, which I always disliked, might taste good? Maybe dark rum? If this helps at all, where perfume is concerned, I love chypre. Any inspirations out there? I'm not looking for something I need to make a sugary drink out of — I would like something that you take one finger of, and you're done. I do love mojitos, but I let bartenders make those.