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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am in another province for two conferences (I have a poster presentation at one and am attending the other to support colleagues and potentially rub elbows with important people...more likely I'll just spend a lot of time with people who have been in school longer than I have so I can get some guidance from them re: how to navigate our disaster of a program and the thesis I am starting from scratch. I may also try to track down my supervisor and ask for more direct guidance than, "whatever you think is best," but time will tell).

SO. I got to the city, got to my hotel, dropped off my stuff, and went for a long, long walk. I'm in Victoria, BC and haven't been here in years; it's wonderful to be in a place where the grass is green and there's no snow on the ground. (IT'S REALLY SPRING, YOU GUYS! I THOUGHT SPRING WAS A MYTH). I was ravenous and wasn't thinking straight, so instead of going to a restaurant or a sandwich shop or something I went to a grocery store and got a ridiculous array of things (as one is wont to do when they shop in a hungry state: pickles, cheese, hummus, crackers, carrots, and…cleaning supplies? I appreciate the fact that the hotel tub came with hair in it, but have big plans to have a "spa night" and would rather spend it with my own hair). On my way back to the hotel I made a quick stop by a liquor store for some overly sweet but completely delicious cider. (Two down. One - or maybe two - to go).

Things I encountered on my walk:

- woman in a tie-dye t-shirt wearing headphones dancing down the street. Is there such a thing as dancing aggressively? Every so often she would lock eyes with a passersby and dance "at them" for a moment before moving forward…


- teenager with a giant plush toy of the sort you might see at a carnival, only racist. At first I thought it was a giant rasta-banana (I saw the banana bottom and a rasta hat/dreadlocks) but then noticed there was a monkey face on top. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for the workshopping of that idea

- two women my age(ish?) walking in the opposite direction smiled at me in the most acknowledging and lovely way. I don't know why it struck me as so wonderful, but I'm not used to fellow pedestrians being so unthreateningly friendly. It was nice.


Things I've encountered on Facebook upon my return to the hotel:

- This post about the common thread in mass shootings over the last 20 years (spoiler: psychopharmaceuticals!), which was put up by one of the best looking musicians I know (who also happens to be one of the best one night stands I've ever had…NYE 2012!) I had a tiny rage stroke while I read it. Correlation does not indicate causation, etcetera….there are a plethora of replies along the lines of, "Fuuuuuuuck," and it makes me seriously question the critical thinking skills of….a lot of people. A large part of me wants to comment and rip it to shreds, while another part of me wonders whether it's worth it (probably not!)


- seeing this made me feel better. I know some great people.

Illustration for article titled Drinking alone in a hotel room. Random thoughts to follow.

…that concludes tonight's series of random thoughts/observations/drunken rambling. FOR NOW.
Please join me for an evening of drinks and non sequiturs. I am going to do my nails and surf the internet like a proper lady.

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