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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Drinking eggnog found to cure blurry vision

.... According to several email messages from my spam folder. Well, darn it GT, it's worth a try! Anything for my health, of course.

I also have several other gems of subject lines as I clear my folder out, including:

"He was impotent, she was supportive"

I would 100% watch a romcom with this tagline.

"You will have sex for +2 hours this Christmas"

Santa? You DO read my letters!

"I use as much power as I want and pay ZERO"

That's a lie. Everyone knows that power always comes with a cost! You will pay for your power someday, my friend.


"Weird food kills blood pressure"

Will click on this to find out what NOT to eat, since I would definitely like some blood pressure, please!


"Correct his erection for the holidays"

Actually, Erection, many of our holiday traditions are not Christian, but pagan in origin! CORRECTED!!!!


"Don't be too scared it's pretty easy"

Hey... thanks spam. That was really really nice of you. I feel very reassured and hopeful. Cancelling therapy this week.


"being informed gets you entitled care"

Really? Are you sure? Pretty much all of the most entitled people I know are the least informed.


And good news everyone - if that eggnog thing doesn't work out for you, you can always try

"Two strips of bacon can cure your bad eyesight"

Bacon and eggnog for us all! Please share your gems!

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