I need to get up to a nearby mountain region (Catskills) for a bluegrass festival, but I am afraid to drive on highways and bridges and I have to cross the Hudson to get there. Last year I tried to drive and ended up on the side of the road getting a police escort - I'm not proud of that. I've made a lot of progress with driving this year, but I am not ready for major highways. I have a car, and once I get up there I will be fine going back and forth to the festival.

Would it be inviting killers if I post on the festival's web page that I am looking for someone to drive my car up there, and back? Lots of people camp and don't leave the grounds so they won't need a car once the get up there, and it's a free trip for them. Or.... Craigslist?? Is it actually safe to do things like that?