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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Driving Test

So as I posted once upon a time, I have obtained my learner's permit and am just learning to drive at age 24. Some friends of mine suggest that I may as well take the test, get my license, and continue to practice afterwards. I thought I needed more practice to be able to pass the road test.

What were your experiences with the road test when you got your license? (I know it varies by region/state.) Do you think a newbie driver with the basics down could pass, or do you think I should get more practice under my belt?


For some background, I have driven cars on main roads, parked in parking lots, and made only one (successful, though!) attempt at parallel parking. The only "merging" I've done is out of a parking lot onto a main street, and I haven't switched lanes in traffic or driven on a highway.

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