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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dropped iPhone 5 into the toilet :(

So this is second time in my life I have done such a stupid thing. It slipped out of my back pocket while I was sitting down. Ugh. I ripped it right out of the toilet. Dried it off, turned it off and put it into a container of dry rice. It's been in the rice for 24 hours. I just turned it on and it turns on, but I have these green stripes going down the screen and it keeps turning off and restarting and stuff. The first time this happened to me years ago, it never came back on. So this is sort of hopeful. Will someone make me feel hopeful? I read online that it could take a week to dry out completely and that functioning can come back and improve over time... Make me feel hopeful. I got this one at such a great deal because I was signing up for a new plan, and I can't afford a new one. ERRRRRGGGGGGG.......


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