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I have had no real strategy for my geeky little side biz, thus far. I just occasionally make stuff and put it in my Etsy shop (and share here, and THANK YOU because through the years you all have been a big support, look below, I get a lot of traffic from GT!).


My biggest supporter thus far is a shop in PDX called Screaming Sky (here’s my stuff featured next to Horray Today, which thrilled me to no end because I LOVE Alyssa Nassner). I opened in Etsy Wholesale during their beta phase but do no promoting to speak of, I have a few wholesale accounts. SS is great, I think I’ve had four good-sized orders from them, so my stuff is selling at least!

I just had the realization last night that, duh, I should contact I Fucking Love Science about maybe featuring a print, because they are always sharing science wares and have a HUGE following. I would also like to start contacting retailers (online and B&M). I am curious if anyone has any great ideas for getting my stuff out there, preferably that takes minimal effort, because I also have a super demanding FT job that sucks my creative juices as well. Someone here had the great idea to contact an educational company but I’ve forgotten the name so I have to go hunt in my old posts...

I just feel like I need to do SOMETHING. I have an itch. I need resources (I have been meaning to read through all of the Design Sponge Biz Ladies series) and inspiration and ideas and whatnot to make me an awesome Business Cat.

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