Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Groupthink, I am drunk, on a work night. My house reeks of cat pee because as soon as it gets humid in here the dampness holds the smell and I'm just lazy enough about scooping that there's odor to be detected. I have recently started texting AGAIN with the boy who broke my heart, twice. This time he has supposedly filed actual legal divorce papers and they have a court date and mandated parenting classes scheduled. We'll see. And I'm going to see a surgeon Wednesday about getting a knee replacement and my biggest concern is not the surgery or the painful rehab but how I'm going to get my truly reality show-worthy clutter and filth under control before I let friends and physical therapists into my home.

So. Anyone who's still awake, I'm accepting any and all words of wisdom, funny gifs, successful "try again and again" relationships, and pretty much anything that will put a smile on my face.


ETA: I'm watching Top of the Lake at the moment. IT IS NOT HELPING MY SAD FEELINGS GO AWAY. Jesus. Jane Campion needs better antidepressants.

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