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I'm making these horribly named cupcakes again for Mr. Farce's first real shift (the last one was training). My tip of the day: buttercream 101.

1) I use a minimum 1:3 mixture of vegtable shortening to unsalted butter for my buttercream (sometimes I use 1:2 depending on desired flavor). It helps tone down the butteriness of it. While butter is undoubtedly one of the best flavors ever, a little goes a long way.


2) You almost never need as much confectioner's sugar as a recipe calls for unless you want to put folks into diabetic shock.

3) Beat it. Just Beat It. Whip the ever-loving snot out of your frosting. You can over-beat eggs and cream and batter, but it's really hard to over-beat frosting.

4) Fill your piping bags like a boss:


5) Finish the Guinness.

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