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Drunk Dialing and White Feminism

Oh hello, I am back from the depths of my drunken stupor! Thanks for all the lovely gifs and hilarious replies. I was fine. I just knocked out for a few hours, then woke up and watched Cabin in the Woods. It was good! I even watched ANTM like I said I would :)


But I wanted to clarify something. It seemed to me that a lot of people were either confused/offended or didn't understand the point of that piece I posted the other day about white women and feminism, and I'll admit to just getting exasperated that some people didn't seem to get it. But Chelsea posted a brief follow up that is shorter and clearer and gets to the crux of the point I was trying to make to people individually in the comments.

Using working-class white women as a way to invalidate the “pumpkin-spice-as-oppression” discussion is intellectually dishonest and simple. Despite the fact that my post directly addresses a certain subset of educated, academic, middle-to-upper middle class white women, it still would not change the fact that there are working-class people of every color, and white working class people may feel class discrimination, but it will not be because of their skin color. (Whereas poor and working class people of other colors will be forced to tolerate a whole host of other damaging stereotypes because of it). Class discrimination is another discussion, but not the one I was having.

So basically, the point is that yes, white women face a ton of discrimination because they are women, but while they may also face class discrimination (or able-bodied discrimination, or lookism, or trans-misogyny or any other form of discrimination) they will never face RACIAL discrimination, and unfortunately, because racism is as deeply entrenched and as widespread as it is, will always add another layer (or intersection) to any other form of oppression. Class discrimination will always be worse for PoC. Trans-misogyny will always be worse for PoC. Homophobia will always be worse for PoC, etc.

That was the point I was trying to make. It wasn't meant to be an attack on white women. I'm pretty sure most of you ladies are white and I don't hate you. (I WUV YOU!) It was just meant to point out that racial discrimination is something that affects people in every aspect of their lives, regardless of what else they may have going for them that's pretty awesome.


Class discrimination is not what this conversation is about.

ETA: Look at Scandal's Rowan Pope (Goon Daddy). When he yelled at Livie last week, he was referencing the fact that even though they have OODLES of money, they are still black and that means that things will always be different for them.


Incidentally, Trudy wrote two great pieces about the Goon Daddy's role in upholding the patriarchy and PoC parents and how they try to prepare their children for racism. So if you're a fan of the show, you should read them.

That got a little off topic, but Scandal is awesome :)

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