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I have a good friend who habitually drives drunk (and will never admit it). She has hit trees, a fire hydrant, LOST her car, and nothing will stop her. I have tried over and over to get her to stop, but she absolutely does not listen. I have threatened to call the police, stormed out of a car/party/house/bar, been her DD - everything. I'm sort of at the end of my rope because I have NO TOLERANCE for this and I feel like I've done everything I can. It's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

So, I am debating calling the cops on her at some point when I know she's driving drunk (oh, like right now for instance).


This would tremendously fuck up her life. Here, it typically results in your license being suspended. She has an hour commute and this would prevent her from making that commute. I realize this pales in comparison to the results of a drunk driving accident, but it is a big trigger to pull for a good friend.

Thoughts? Experiences? Ugh!

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