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I was planning on making a huge thank you post tomorrow (the EF saved my ass, that's you all, and I am more grateful than words can say). I wanted that to be my next post. But instead, I have this one. The grateful post is coming tomorrow.

Tonight, I missed church. I was sad about that, and then my dad took me to dinner instead. And informed me that his side of the family complains to him regularly about me. He seems to think I go around talking to them all about my political beliefs, and informing them that racist sexists are shit heads. I do not do this, unless they say something racist, sexist, and shit-heady.


These family members do, however, peruse my Facebook from time to time. I like to share my thoughts and feels. I frequently share things that you all write. I share things from sites that suggest that institutional racism is still a thing. I share things that insinuate that abortion is not murder. I share things that imply that classism is, in fact, a thing.

Apparently, they think that if they comment to disagree with me, I'll think they're bad people.

"Papa Shiny, we're afraid if we tell Shiny that we're racists who think that women shouldn't control their own bodies, she'll think we're bad people."

Also, as a side note, they do not say this to my family members of color, or those who are married to or have adopted people of color (I asked. Nothing). You only want to talk to your white relative who is outspoken about these issues about this topic?



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