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Drunk paper writing.

The title says it all.

I'm a little drunk on bourbon (that's classy, right?) and am trying my damnedest to finish a stupid baby paper that's due on Wednesday. I'm 5 pages in and the limit is 13 (that's NOTHING in comparison to the 20 page papers I've been writing over the last two years, it should be FIIIIINE)….I have maybe one more page left for theory, then I have to do a case study. Then "self-reflection."

I want to do anything other than what I'm doing right now, you guys. :( I want a nap (can I have a nap?) but I also have a big fun night planned tomorrow and want at least a shitty rough draft of this paper finished so I can edit it through my hangover on Wednesday.


…motivating gifs would be appreciated. I'm going to crack a diet pepsi and get back to my personal theory of career counselling (barf).

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