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Drunken boyfriend update

Update on this thingy. And I guess this thingy, too, lol.

(Not real lolz, sad lolz.)

I made up with my man guy. This is how it happened (if you read the first thingy it'll be all chronological, 'n shit).


I was crying like a crazy person because I was sad, so I went inside and gave my man guy a hug. Really, it was more of an ugly-cry glomp thing because I was all snotty and sobbing and if I were him I woulda been like OMG I love you too but gross.

And then I snuggled my cat for a while, but the crying plus the cat fur triggered my asthma (I'm allergic to cats, haha) and my man guy went and bought me some Benadryl.

Then I took it and I could breathe again, and we had a great discussion about setting boundaries and how he will listen to me when I tell him to stop drinking. We'll see how that goes, I guess.

And then we had sex all weekend and cooked good foods and cleaned the apartment and did tons of laundry.



Thank you all for the comments and such. I can't even say how awesome everyone here is and how much I appreciate everyone's feedback. THANK YOU ALL.


(And the pic is a thing I made with a Sharpie. It's here because I needed a pic, haha.)

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