Guize, listen. No seriously, listen. (I had a neighbor who used to say that to me nonstop our entire conversation, every conversation we ever had, for 5 years. Also he broke into my house, then threatened to call the cops on ME during that interaction but that is a story for another time.)

I had a great valentine's day despite all of my medication horseshit earlier. Boy and I were lucky enough to go to Whole Foods and they had a big sale where if you got a dry aged steak (16oz...huge...) you got a free 5oz lobster tail! But they ran out of 5 oz lobster tails, so they were giving out 2 4oz lobster tails! Apparently people were complaining to the seafood guy about it, and boy and I couldn't understand because, lobster. And we cooked things on point on the grill (boy is a grilling magician) and got a NYC style cheese cake, and it actually tasted like home. :)


I just wanted to say that I hope all of you wonderful people had a great day and to thank you again for all the super supportive comments AND great advice and suggestions earlier today. You're beautiful people, don't ever change.