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Okay. After this year (which has been amazing and heartbreaking and most of all REALLY FUCKING WEIRD) I wanted to say: you guys are the best. Full stop.

SO! I come bearing no GIFs, sad to say, but I will tell you this: by everything that's holy in all the pantheons and also the sole divines, you're lovely people and I appreciate all of you. I don't comment much anymore because 1. holy shit I've been slammed all year and 2. I worry about bringing a few dedicated trolls back to a sympathy thread or something. But I wanted to say that I have been following your loves and tragedies and milestones and bored ramblings whenever I can which isn't as frequently as I would otherwise, and I love you all.

My best IRL friends came from GT. My best online friends came from GT. Without this forum, the mods, and the people in it, I'd never have had the guts to get through all the weirdness and oddity and public scrutiny. You guys taught me to see things from outside my own head, and how to question what I saw.


I clearly drunk-text GT. (Which is really better than drunk texting any of the people I've met this year. There are only five that I can think of that would find it hugely amusing.)

Lastly, and not for nothing: this time last year I was freaking out about my nuKinja being reprinted in Serbia. Just now I'm freaking out that the NYT book review printed that I had "x-ray vision" which I am sure wasn't actually an allusion to superpowers but we're going to run with it anyway, okay? I CAN SEE YOUR BONES, PEOPLE.

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