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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Drynuary? Not so much.

Well. The week went pretty well, and I sleep so good when I don’t have even one beer at night.

And my no-chips month is still on track, so that’s good.

But I talked to two (2!) exes while drunk last night. Oh man. One just through text, which was hot, I’d tap that again, etc., and one on the phone, which was long overdue and actually really nice (from what I remember). I don’t remember the last time (before last night) I stayed up until 5am.


I’m surprised at how understanding the dog is being today at my I’m-so-hungover-like-an-old-because-I-am-one state. *knocks on wood so hard*

Anyone have any good stories of talking to exes while drunk? I’ll try to remember some from last night when I’m a little more coherent.


Here’s a picture of Em for your trouble.

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