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Drynuary Trials

Is anyone else doing Drynuary? Anyone heard of it? It's that casual tradition where some people choose to abstain from alcohol for the entire month of January. You can read more about it here, here, and here.


Well, I'm about a week into it, and I feel like I've got a pretty good perspective on how the rest of the month is going to go. I still itch for a drink, but it's subsided a good deal.

Things I have learned about myself during Drynuary:

  • I really like sipping on something at night. If I can't have a glass of wine or beer in my hand when I surf the internet or watch tv, I like to have something there. I've been switching over to Schweppe's cranberry ginger ale and V8 fusion drinks. So I haven't been saving calories, really, but I have successfully replaced my one true need: to have something in my hand.
  • I gave up caffeine at the same time (for long, boring health reasons). Of the two, so far alcohol was harder to give up. But then, I haven't had any truly sleep-deprived work days yet.
  • I am so much hungrier when I'm not drinking alcohol. I find that I'm eating a lot more. Overall weight has stayed stable, though.
  • I am much less bloated than I was a week ago.

I am pretty happy with myself overall, and pleased with my progress. But Drynuary experts seem to imply the worst is yet to come, so we will see how things progress.


I stopped drinking for a month because I didn't like how habitual it was becoming for me. I worry about how much my brothers drink. I worry that alcoholism runs in my family. So I decided to step away for a while. It's been enlightening, because those first three days were really, really hard. Which worried me! But I'm glad it's getting easier now.

We all have bad habits. We all do things that are not healthy for us. Anyone else sometimes find it useful to step back for a little while?


Happy Drynuary.

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