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Ducking smartphones.

EDIT: I just noticed that I haven't taught my new phone to cuss yet. FURTHER PROVING MY POINT. I'm leaving it.

Because of issues with my last Galaxy S4, I had to get a warranty exchange before that ran out. Now, I'm trying to get everything set up...just...right and it's SO FRUSTRATING.


I even made screen caps of my previous phone's set up for app locations, groupings and such and it's still a pain in my ass. I have to reset data on my apps, coerce stuff to not post everything I ever do on Facebook, and generally try to not throw the dammed thing against the wall.

Seriously, I hope Samsung works out a way to immediately beam every setting and app location directly to your new device at some point in the future. Thank god for backups and such but it's still going to take me a few days to get everything just so. (Insert eye twitching.)

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