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Some of us have family there who somehow have to make ends meet when the banks ultimately close. They are legitimately worrying how they are going to feed their families when (not if) the economy collapses.

Oh, hahahah, isn’t it funny that people should have stuffed their mattresses instead of putting their money in the banks? And making the argument when I call you out on it that “the government made the wrong decisions from the start” and that the population democratically elected them so it’s “basically the population’s fault” and “they should move to another country if they don’t like it”. I told him: “you need to stop talking now” to shut down the conversation because if he had kept on, I was going to lose my shit on his privileged white ass. This guy grew up in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in our city, his family had enough money to send all 3 of their kids to an elite private school, he works with his brother at a start-up they founded together and can afford to work for no salary because he moved in with his parents when he moved back here to work at said start up. He would never be in this situation, even if the economy collapsed for whatever reason in Canada because, yo, his parents are rich. Because everyone has the means to just up and move. Shut your fucking face dude.


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