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Dude Seriously Its Just A Lamp: The Feeling You Get When You

Enter a room and see your Waterford Lamp. This is what the host on Evine (home shopping network) was saying about buying a lamp.

Lamps they are either on or off. What does he expect folks squeeling in delight when they enter the room and see it. I can picture for the first day or two an owner thinking “thats a nice lamp”. Then that’s it. Oh maybe “how could I have spent so much on the lamp”. It costs on sale $350 on Sunday its $550.

My mother flicked over to watch it during a commercial.


I do admit I do like the Waterford rep Jorge Perez. Very funny and has a love for Waterford and what you can do with the pieces.

The pics are a Waterford lamp and Jorge Perez in case name sounds familiar to anyone.

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